PE-Kenya focuses its interventions on sustainable projects across three thematic areas

1. Albinism Awareness & Advocacy (AAA)

PE-Kenya champions albinism awareness by heightening knowledge and understanding of this subject matter to all stakeholders in the albinism community and the public in general.


Advocacy further heightens this by taking awareness to another level by speaking up and asking for specific actions to be taken for the albinism community.


This is done through providing the right information and facts on albinism, empowering the albinism community at the base, conducting educative forums and lobbying to influence legislation and policies.

2. Social Economic Empowerment (SEE)

PE-Kenya invests in the process of developing a sense of autonomy and self-independence to collectively change the socioeconomic status that has continuously confined PWAs in poverty and exclusion in terms of development.


The organization does this by creating a support system along a trajectory that seeks to elevate PWAs or parents of CWA from discrimination, social stigma and prejudice cages to more equal ground with other members of the society by equipping and building their capacities in all spheres of life.


Focuses on addressing fundamental, health, education and gender issues that are unique to Persons with albinism and further enlightening and linking them and their families to existing programs, frameworks and policies  that address their albinism related needs


Change how you see, See how you change.

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