Supporting entrepreneurship & economic development (SEED) This project  entails skills training, employability skills, business and entrepreneurship training.


Mentorship: our mentorship projects target persons with albinism and they are taken through a comprehensive individual and peer mentorship to ensure that they become self-advocates  on the issue. They are guided through the journey of: Self-awareness = self-acceptance = self-esteem = self-advocacy.


Social Economic Empowerment (SEE)

PE-Kenya invests in the process of developing a sense of autonomy and self-dependence to collectively change the social relationships and institutions that have continuously confined PWAs in poverty and exclusion in terms of development.


The organization does this by creating a support system along a trajectory that seeks to elevate PWAs or parents of CWA from discrimination, social stigma and prejudice cages to more equal ground with other members of the society by equipping and building their capacities in all spheres of life.

a) SEED (Supporting Entrepreneurship & Economic Development)

In supporting SEED, the following activities are undertaken;


  • Establishing a network of support groups for PWAs and parents of CWA in which they can engaged and initiate individual or group activities.
  •  Conducting training sessions to equip PWAs with skills that can be translated to income generating ideas or activities.
  • Linking up PWAs with vocational training centers for education and tertiary trainings
  • Provision of seed funds for individuals or groups for economic empowerment initiatives through partnerships.
  • Creating synergies programmatically and through various stakeholders, leaders and county governments.
  • Raising knowledge on the existing funds, social schemes such as uwezo funds and other affirmative action funds for PWDs.


b) Mentorship

PE-Kenya utilizes a unique model of mentorship;




This model applies across the board, where we believe when you know yourself or get to understand your condition, then self-love or acceptance stems followed by increased self – esteem and confidence which ultimately develops self-advocacy skills which equips a PWA to fully live up to their potential without being put down by the society.


Change how you see, See how you change.

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